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Photography without a tripod: Three useful tips
Composing a handheld high res shot with Olympus
Best practices when handholding a camera
Handholding your Camera for HDR Photography
Handheld HDR — Is it Possible?
Shooting Through a Glass Case
Shooting HDR Without a Tripod
Shooting Without A Tripod – The Leaning Bow and Arrow

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Behind the scenes photo from an iPhone by my patient wife.

Shooting Through a Glass Case

I was recently shooting in a museum that had a no tripod rule. It also seemed to have little budget for lights either as the display cases were pretty dark with a lot of harsh reflections. One of the exhibits

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Shooting HDR Without a Tripod

Im currently traveling on a vacation where Ive chosen to leave as much gear behind as possible. Okay lets be honest. Its a family vacation and my wife informed me Id be leaving it most of it behind. Im really

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bus-16x9-1 copy

Bus lights can help create magical cityscape scenes

Like most photographers, I’m always looking for the right location, the right angle, the perfect light and the right moment to make the photograph. Whether I’m traveling abroad or walking around Boston, near my studio, one of my favorite times

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Commonly misunderstood photo words

I took the time to read comments on this site, as well as a few other sites, and found that there are some terms that need some clarification for use in the photo world. Some are quite comical, and some

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Stretching and Roving Keyframes

Stretching and roving keyframes

If you have keyframed multiple layers in After Effects and need to change the duration of the animated segments, you can use the stretch keyframes method to avoid individual keyframe adjustment. Simply highlight the beginning and ending keyframes on the

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Snow Street Photography! - youtube

Quick tips for winter street photography

This year, many photographers won’t be able to head to the countryside to shoot gorgeous winter landscapes. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t hit the streets to document the beauty of cities blanketed in snow. It will definitely be challenging

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