If you’ve had the pleasure of converting film slides of days-gone-by to the digital format, you may have experienced that bittersweet feeling of excitement mingled with a tinge of disappointment upon first viewing the dust, debris and fiber-laden results accumulated in closets, basements and attics worldwide.

Building on a previous post, “Digitally Converting Slides and Negatives with Jumbl,” in this video tutorial I’ll take a look at a few simple techniques to help reverse the ravages of time and bring new life back to these precious memories and keepsakes by way of Adobe Photoshop.

In summary:

  • Common color casts of Kodachrome vs Fujichrome
  • Correcting purple color cast via white balance adjustment
  • Hue/saturation color-shift adjustment
  • Highlight/shadow adjustment
  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Image straightening
  • Restoring color and detail via graduated filters
  • Enhancing depth of field via selective focus
  • Enhancing color and detail via single-image HDR processing via Aurora HDR / Photomatix Pro.

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