Adobe announces technology previews for Lightroom on the web.

Technology Previews

These are a set of “test drives” for new features before they are released officially. Technology previews offer the opportunity to comment on a feature’s functionality and to help “shape the feature.” according to Josh Haftel of Adobe.


Search is a technology preview announced today. It works with Adobe’s image analysis algorithms with Lightroom for mobile, Lightroom on the web, or with Lightroom desktop via a synchronized collection. You can access Search today. Here’s how”

Accessing Search technology preview

Launch Lightroom on the web.

Log in with your Adobe ID and password.

Click on the Lr menu in the top left to open the menu.

Select Technology Preview

Toggle Search on using the switch on the right opposite the word Search.

Click Apply Changes

Search by Kevin Ames-001
Begin by clicking Open Technology Previews

About Search

Once on, Search starts indexing the photographs in the collection making it possible to do searches of them. The search bar is in the upper left hand side of the Photo section.

Portrait eBook-012

According to Adobe, no one but the logged in user will be able to search the photos or even find them. Search is English only at this time. Other languages will be available with the final release. Promised functionality at the time of the release includes the ability to search through image metadata. Searching possibilities include word searches like food, flowers, animal and so on.

Lightroom on the web

Currently, Lightroom on the web can be used to organize photos with stars or flags. Adjustments found in the Basic tab of Lightroom desktop are functional. White balance, (color temperature & tint) Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, White, Black and the Presence sliders: Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation can be applied. The results will appear in Lr mobile and desktop. As always, adjustments are non-destruction and can be reset at anytime from any device.

Lightroom 6.5 / ACR 9.5

Bug fixes and a number of new profiles for camera lenses were released earlier this week.


Adobe continues to invite its customers into the development of new features. This policy started with public betas of Photoshop and Lightroom in 2007 or so. Kudos to Adobe’s Lightroom team for inviting comments and suggestions. Their open spirit of innovation with all of their customer base helps them make tools that make photography better, continuously.