The latest updates for Skylum’s Luminar include a new tool, Accent AI Filter, which does a great job of adjusting the colors and tones of your photograph. It brightens dark areas and darkens bright areas and does it without any kind of local adjustment. I always give it a shot when I’m in Luminar to see if it helps me finish the photo the way I have in mind. It’s really incredible that it works so well.

Well, Skylum has just announced that they are now putting a lot more effort into creating AI processes to help us, and not only in the areas of making our pictures look better. They call this the Skylum AI Lab. Among other things, they are currently working on tools to help identify the subject matter of the pictures to help with tagging, which will be really helpful (there are few things I enjoy less than tagging my pictures).

Skylum are also working on upscaling images for larger viewing and printing. This is terrific–the only thing we need more megapixels for is so we can print larger photos, but with this, we could save money on new cameras and computers and go on more trips to make photos for making big prints.

They are also training their AI on segmentation so it recognizes different areas in your pictures better and adjusts them accordingly. Skylum’s sister company, Photolemur, is now being integrated into Skylum and their tools and technology should help achieve these goals.

The reason I think this is all noteworthy is that it will ultimately allow you and me to spend more time making photos with our cameras and spend less time and money finishing them on the computer. Other companies are utilizing AI, but I’m more excited about Skylum doing it because their tools have historically worked more easily and less expensively. I’m excited to see what comes next and I’ll let you know how I use it in my workflow.

You can read the full press release here.