One of the coolest things about Macphun’s Luminar is the ability to customize the layout of the application.  Have a favorite set of tools? No problem you can create your own workspace.  The concept exists in a few other apps, but Luminar takes it to a whole new level.

Saving a Custom Workspace

By tailoring which Filters are visible (and the order they are applied), you can speed up editing tasks.  This can also create a guided workflow so you know how to approach image correction.

  1. To create a new workspace, click the Workspaces drop-down menu and choose Clear.
  2. Now, add the filters you want to use. Click the Add Filter button to browse all available Filters.  Just scroll through the list or click on a category to narrow your search.

  3. Keep adding Filters to the workspace that you’d like to use.
  4. Once satisfied, click the Workspace pop-up menu and choose Save As New Workspace….

  5. Give the workspace a descriptive name to help you remember which situations to use the workspace.
  6. If you ever need to modify a workspace that’s easy.  Just click the Workspaces drop-down click one of the three icons next to the name.

    • Update with Current Settings. Click the first option to refresh the workspace and store the modified filters as the selected workspace.
    • Rename. Let’s you to change the name of a Custom workspace.
    • Delete. Permanently deletes a Custom workspace from your computer.

Workspaces are a great way to improve your workflow with Luminar. 

Try Luminar Today

If you’re a Mac-user who hasn’t tried Luminar, give it a free try today.  To read our thoughts on Luminar, check out our detailed review.

Luminar FAQ

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