If you’re working with Macphun’s Luminar, be sure to try out the Image Radiance filter. The use of the Image Radiance filter is the perfect finishing touch for many photos.  It works by softening image luminescence, essentially making the brighter areas less intense and blurrier.  It then boosts the contrast and saturation.

Using the Image Radiance effect

Would you like to give your images a dreamy look?  Here’s how.

Step 1: Open an image you’d like to adjust

Step 2: Click the Add Filter button (+) and choose Image Radiance.

Step 3: Adjust the Amount control to affect the overall strength.  Higher values increase the dreaminess factor while lower values a more realistic image.

Step 4: Adjust the Smoothness slider to control the amount of blurring in the image.  You can use a negative value to reduce to blur or a positive value to increase.

Step 5: Adjust the Brightness of the effect.  As you increase the Amount and Smart Colorize options, you may notice a darker image.  This control can help balance or even change the exposure.  The effect is mostly isolated to the brightest areas of the image and can increase the effective glow.

Step 6: Use Smart colorize to boost the overall color and vibrancy of the image (or to lessen the intensity as well).

Step 7: You can warm or cool the shot to change its color balance.

This effect is a great finishing touch at the end of your imaging pipeline.

Try Luminar Today

If you’re a Mac user who hasn’t tried Luminar, give it a free try today.  To read our thoughts on Luminar, check out our detailed review.

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