Halloween is just around the corner; sadly I won’t get all my planned shoots in this year due to the pandemic. So I thought I would have a look at some previous Halloween shoots and have some fun with the edits. Like editing lighting to a creepy scene in LuminarAI.

Prepare to experiment

Be prepared to spend some time experimenting with different effects. Even in the Templates, scroll down to find the Experimental Portrait category. I particularly like the Burned Film template. I can start there and then add other tools, like AtmosphereAI, Dramatic, Mood and Mystical. These all add some creative lighting elements to your image.

You can also click on Toning to add some warmth or cool your image down. Using elements from Augmented SkyAI (if you have the room) can be loads of fun as well.

Check out this quick video run-through:

So what do you think — it looks pretty cool and creepy, right? I mean it was a little on the creepy side to start with, but now it’s even better! Perfect for those Halloween scares.

Want to get creative with your studio lighting for Halloween, check out this article on some creative lighting ideas.