One of my past jobs was that of college professor. My favorite (and first) class I ever taught was Digital Imaging Essentials … which was essentially how to really know what was going on with photographic files.

Each semester, a bunch of students would try to test out of the class. They’d tell me how they’d been using Photoshop for years and that it was a waste of their time to take my class. Sure, the words would sometimes be polite (and sometimes not). But everyone seems to think they’ve already mastered this complex topic. I’d ask them to stay for the first week and then decide.

Not a single one ever dropped out.

Now it’s your turn

Welcome to that class. I’m going to take my notes from teaching and material from some of my books and give you a college level course in bite-size installments. I want to make sure that every pro and amateur alike can get the experience of truly taking a college level education but without any of the costs. The bottom line is that I’d just like to really change the digital world.

The rules

  1. This is real. This won’t be a bunch of fluff and theory … rather practical knowledge and techniques so you can actually build a working foundation or fill in the holes you have.
  2. Read in order. Unlike most of the articles here on Photofocus, this content should be read linearly. This means that you should read each article in the order of release as they will build upon each other. If you star later in the series … go back and read what you missed. Each episode is numbered and you can find a link to the series at the bottom of the page.
  3. Pace yourself. Don’t rush, knowledge takes time. By completing two columns or so a week you will retain the knowledge and it will become a part of your toolbox. This column will come out every Sunday and Wednesday.
  4. Follow along. Most columns will have a hands-on file that you can use. Reading isn’t enough, you need to actually follow along if you want to learn.

What’s in it for you?

Students used to pay thousands of dollars for this material. I’ve sold this same information in books with cover prices over $50. I don’t want your money. I want to see that people move beyond gimmicks, tricks, and a patchwork quilt of knowledge. I want to see people own their content and make the images they truly want.

If you have money to spare … donate it here and send a kid to camp (a boy or a girl).

The first column starts today … and the next will be on Wednesday. Remember to learn twice a week.