I’m sure you keyword every image you take, right? If you’re anything like me, that’s hardly the case. I’ve never once keyworded an image. In fact, I’m lucky if I remember to put my photos in the correct folder on my Drobo. So when it comes to dig through my archives to find a specific shot, how do I locate it?

While I’ve gotten a little more organized with my setup through Capture One, I still have all those old photos that are pretty unorganized. Some are in collections in Lightroom Classic, while others are just sitting in folders. That’s why I rely on Excire Foto.

Pinpointing a photo with Excire Foto

I recently had to find some photos from earlier this year of Raul, a friend of mine, that I had taken throughout the year. I knew I had taken his picture a few times for one of my clients to capture the active “social zones” (outdoor dining spots) throughout the year. But they were organized by location.

And in some cases, I’ve taken thousands of photos at a single location.

In order to find Raul, I opened Excire Foto and immediately went to work. I found one of the photos of him and then was able to find the others within mere seconds, thanks to Excire Foto’s Find People option. It recognized Raul’s face, and then displayed all of the other photos I had of him that I took that year. And if I wanted to, I could expand my search to go through my entire Excire Foto library.

Getting ready for the snowy season

With snow already arriving in Michigan, I wanted to get inspired through some of my photos from the last couple winter seasons to see what I had photographed outdoors. Excire Foto makes this super easy with its Find by Keyword tool.

Just click the Find by Keyword icon and type a phrase. You’ll be presented with options to select from, and then you can click to search the entire database or just what you’re currently viewing. For me, I used two keywords — “snow” and “water,” to signify any photos I took on the lakeshore.

And in a matter of seconds, I was able to start looking through all of the photos I had taken of snow and water.

The tools in Excire Foto might seem simple, but they’re super powerful. Plus, with the recent Excire Foto 1.1 update, I can now manage my photos even easier than before, fully managing metadata and even filtering by file name.

Excire Foto has saved me tons of time over and over again, so I can spend more time creating, and less time pulling my hair out.

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