We’ve put together an extensive Black & White toolkit for Luminar 2018.  This contains everything you need to create great looking Black & White photos including presets, lookup tables (LUTs), and textures.  We’re including this for free if you buy Luminar 2018 through Photofocus (this is one way we pay our writers for all their great content).

But if you already bought, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get it.

What’s included:

  • BW Toolkit Tutorial.mp4 This will show you how to use all the pieces in the Toolkit for the best outcomes.
  • B&W Toolkit.mplumpack. These are pre-processing presets which optimize your photo to make a better black and white file.
  • B&W LUTs. You’ll then add a LUT to each preset to get a custom result.  These are designed for several styles of black and white images.
  • B&W Textures. Add an Image layer above your photo (click the + button in the Layers panel) and choose a texture from the BW_Textures folder. Adjust the blending mode and opacity to taste.

NOTE: If you have both Luminar 2018 and 2017 installed, be sure to use the File > Add Custom Preset Pack command to load the presets correctly.


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