While Luminar has some great RAW developing tools to make your photos look better, it also has some great tools to add a little bit of a creative flair to your photographs.

In addition to the Sun Rays filter, there are several creative filters that Luminar includes to make your photograph stand out from the rest of the pack.

During a recent trip to Toronto, I decided to play around with some effects to see how they would enhance one of my photos I took of the skyline.

Cross Processing

This is probably the creative filter I liked the most. Cross Processing gives you 10 different options, named after cities from Tokyo to Dallas, that offer some really unique looks. You can take a photo from normal to something completely out of the box, with some really unique colors.

You can see some of the options below, all of which were applied with an amount of 80.

Split Toning

Split toning lets you change colors in your highlights and shadows — separately — to give a unique look. Here, I adjusted the highlights to be a purple-blue color, while the shadows are pink. I bumped up the saturation on each for a truly surreal effect.

Orton Effect

The Orton Effect can really give a unique, stylized look, combining both a sharp and blurry effect. There are two options for this, but ultimately I went with Type 1, as it had a much more drastic effect on my image.

This effect turned my image a bit soft, took down the highlights and added a bit of a glow to the buildings. It made the image feel more three-dimensional, which was pretty cool to see.

Golden Hour

Did you miss the sunset and want to bring some Golden Hour colors into your shot? The Golden Hour filter can help add that golden glow that you see during sunset. With this photograph, it really enhanced the lights and train trails that were present.

For a different view, try combining Golden Hour and Split Toning for a pink and yellow paradise.


Ultimately, I ended up combining a few of the creative effects — namely Cross Processing and Split Toning — to create my final image.

Luminar offers some really great, revolutionary tools to not only help you with your everyday workflow, but to take your photos to the next level. By utilizing creative effects like the above, you can create some really nice and unique looks to your work.