Found in both Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW lies a module that you may skip over, but it actually holds a lot of power. Mainly used as a calibration for your camera it can be a great creative tool. Lets take a look at Camera Calibration;

Where To Find Camera Calibration

In Lightroom you’ll find Camera Calibratin at the bottom of the Develop Module

and in Adobe Camera Raw its the 8th icon across that looks like a camera;


The Process here is what version of the software was used to process this image. If youre loading in an older image that you processed in an earlier version of ACR or Lightroom you may wish to update it here.


You may have seen, on the back of your camera, that you have a series of settings called Picture Styles you can use. It might look something like this;

These can make for a good starting point for your images but youre probably inclined to leave it on Standard and think about editing later.

These settings are reflected here in Lightroom and ACR under the Profile drop down.

This means that you can still use the Picture Styles without having to remember to change them over during your shoot.


If youre using a calibration tool then you’ll find the camera profile(s) here too.


If youve got a bit of a tint in your shadows, or you want to add one, this is an easy fix thanks to the Shadows slider here. You may notice that this is the same adjustment that you have in the Basic Panel.

Heres the extreme ends of this slider;

Red, Green and Blue

Under this menu are three sets of sliders for Red Primary, Green Primary and Blue Primary. As you might image these dial into the RGB channels and allow for some tweaking of the colour.

The first slider allows you to directly change the Hue of the RG or B channel, while the second slider is the Saturation. This can help make some very quick adjustments and as it targets each channel can give some nice global effects.

Black and White

If youre making a black and white conversion the color detail remains in the image and can be adjusted in the Camera Calibration panel. In this image Ive targeted the numbers with the Green sliders and the trains color with the Red sliders.

Save It For Later

If youre experiencing a recurring problem with your camera, maybe you have a tint in the shadows or your reds aren’t red enough then set everything here and save it as a preset, that way you can run this preset on your images to get them prepped for a more detailed edit should you need to.