This morning, Adobe released updates to its Elements line of software, both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. The updates focus on expanded automation technologies, guided edits and sharing your images.

Stay tuned for our complete review on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020, coming next week. For now, here’s what’s new in Elements 2020:

New Auto Creations

In Elements 2019, Adobe introduced the Elements Home Screen. As a part of this, a section called Auto Creations was introduced that allowed users to create slideshows and collages. In the 2020 update, Photo Effects have been added to Auto Creations in both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements.

These new Photo Effects include Black & White Selection, Pattern Brush, Painterly and Depth of Field.

Photoshop Elements 2020 updates

New automation features by Adobe Sensei

Three new Adobe Sensei powered features have been added to Photoshop Elements.

  • Automatically colorize your black and white photos
  • One-click subject selection, allowing you to easily select your subjects and apply effects
  • Automatic skin smoothing with controls to adjust the amount of smoothing

New Guided Edits

Two new Guided Edits have been added to Photoshop Elements. First, there’s an edit to make unwanted objects in your photos vanish. This walks you through how to easily remove distractions like power lines or selfie crashers.

A second new Guided Edit allows you to add photo patterns to your photographs. You can brush on hearts, stars and more to your photo, and have control over where and how they appear in your photographs, so they don’t effect your subject. It’s a great option for anyone creating prints, wall art or social media images.

Built-in FUJIFILM Prints & Gifts service

U.S.-based customers can quickly create and order over 140 creations including prints, wall art, mugs, phone accessories and more with the new FUJIFILM Prints & Gifts service right inside Photoshop Elements.

Premiere Elements 2020 updates

Grain reduction

For those videos you shoot in low light, you can now easily reduce the noise and create for a more crisp video.

New Guided Edits

Three new Guided Edits have been added to Premiere Elements. First, learn how to create time-lapse videos. The second new Guided Edit enables you to animate skies in your photos, by replacing static skies with moving ones that create an eye-catching effect. Finally, learn how to fill the frame to match your video. This teaches you how to transform a vertical clip or photo into a horizontal video that eliminates black bars on the sides of your videos.

Smart Tags

Just like your photos, your videos are now tagged automatically with Smart Tags, based on subjects like sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats and more. Additionally, faces in your videos are also automatically recognized and identified during import, and stacked by person so it’s easily to filter by them later.

Expanded HEIF and HEVC support

Following up on last year’s performance improvements, this year’s updates feature even speedier performance for everyday tasks. Compatibility with HEIF and HEVC files on both Windows and macOS has also been added.