This morning, Adobe announced the release of the first version of Photoshop to natively run on Macs with the new M1 chip. Tests show a significant performance gain for customers, averaging a 1.5x increase in speed across various tools.

The company also shipped two new Photoshop on iPad features — Cloud Documents Version History and Cloud Documents offline access.

Super Resolution helps enlarge your images

Adobe also announced a new Super Resolution feature in the Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop. This feature uses an advanced machine learning model to enlarge a photo without losing detail. The company also announced that Super Resolution will also be available soon in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

Powered by your machine’s graphics card, Super Resolution enlarges photos while maintaining clean edges and preserving important details. The feature builds upon the Enhance Details tool, which was announced two years ago for Lightroom.

It doubles the linear resolution of your photo, meaning the end result will have twice the width and twice the height of the original photo, or four times the total pixel count. For example, a source photo might be 16 megapixels. Using Super Resolution will result in a 64 megapixel DNG. Images are currently limited to 65000 pixels on the long side and 500 megapixels, but Adobe mentioned they are looking to raise this in the future.

This feature can help with older cameras or those like smartphones, with smaller megapixel ranges. Or it can help you crop in further on your image. It can also be useful in upscaling your images for printing, allowing for a cleaner, more detailed image.

You can read more about Super Resolution on Adobe’s blog.