It hasn’t happened to me in a LONG time, but I did get asked the other day by a fellow photographer about recovering pictures from a memory card after an accidental reformat. There’s a great tool that I’ve used int the past that can pull back photos from the grave called Klix.

The following issues can be solved:

  • Deleted images
  • Reformatted memory cards
  • Corrupted memory cards (often cause by sudden loss of camera power)

The tool works on all types of cards and can recover photos or video (as long as you haven’t written a file to that new place on a memory card). The following card types are supported. It really works well and I’ve used it to recover gigabytes of data with no hitches. The best thing is the try before you buy. You can download the demo and scan your cards… if the demo version sees the pictures it can recover them. File this away for that disaster moment when you realize you’ve blown away a picture (or even a whole shoot) accidentally.

For $20 this is a good insurance policy… you can get more info or the trial here.