Ansel Adams said, “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score and the print is the performance.” The print is the photographer’s expression of her or his work yet few today make prints and hang them on the wall.

In talking with other photographers about this, a recurring objection is the cost of framing along with the difficulty in hanging the prints on a wall. We photographers seem content to see our work either shrunk down to smartphone size, on a tablet. laptop or possibly on a larger monitor. I am guilty of this because it’s easy. I have even loaded my photos onto the alarm system panels. Yet …

The print is the thing

Lately, I have been making more and more prints. I like having my work displayed without the bulk of a monitor. While most of the ones I make are for proofing my digital work, keepers get push pinned to the walls in my garage or hung on the steel doors in the studio. In my living spaces, I am reticent to use push pins. They look so “tacky” (pun intended). And for the most part, framing is out for reasons already mentioned. I really want a simple way to show big work.

2 recent prints held with magnets on ductwork.
Two of my recent prints. Magnets hold them to some overhead ducts.


I have discovered a fast way to get big prints that are lightweight and easy to display. As a matter of fact, I just ordered my first Xpozer print a few minutes ago. Full disclosure, I was provided a code for the value of the 30-by-45 inch print.

The process was drag and drop simple. There are several sizes available from the “mini” 16-by-24 inch to the massive (coming soon) 48-by-72 inch print. That’s 4-by-6 FEET! And the prices are super reasonable. The “mini” is $69.95 for print and frame, while “mini” prints alone are $39.95. The “massive” (when available) will go for $179.95.

Ordering my print

I went to the Xpozer website, found the size I wanted — 30-by-45 inches, clicked on it and then clicked print and frame. The rest was easy.

I know. I can’t be that simple, yet …

I got emails!

Almost immediately I received a confirmation email that my print was being processed. Literally two minutes later, one arrived saying my order had been shipped. Seriously. I went on to read that I would get a tracking number within 24 hours. That is super fast fulfillment. As soon as my Xpozer arrives I’ll post an update.