The timing was perfect. WANDRD had just introduced their new ROAM Sling camera bags and I was going to Hawaii. Anytime I travel, I want to be able to take great photographs. My cell phone doesn’t often cut it in the quality/versatility/control departments. I need to take one of my system cameras with me.

When traveling, I prefer micro four-thirds gear. For this trip, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, PEN-F and my collection of primes would make the cut. I might even throw in a nice quality zoom if it’ll fit (it did).

The WANDRD ROAM Sling 6L was able to fit most of it

It would be entirely too easy to grab one camera and a couple of zooms when traveling for the most versatility and least hassle. For some inexplicable reason, that never works for me. I have this need to bring everything — though I almost end up using the zooms exclusively.

It was a tight fit, but I managed. Two cameras, one zoom (attached to the E-M1 Mark II), four primes (one attached to the PEN-F) and a tripod.

I’m like the pack rat that can’t throw out the shirt that I know I’ll wear one day — but never do. When I travel, it’s like this with my photo gear — I just know I’m going to need the ultra wide for something. Better take it along. Flash? Sure. Extra batteries? Why not. Before I know it, I’m simply not traveling light.

The ROAM Sling forces me to think smarter about my travel gear choices. It’s big enough to handle most of the essentials, but not so big that’ll weigh me down. It strikes a nice balance.

How much can the ROAM Sling 6L handle?

In my bag I was able to fit the following:

  • The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II with an Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Zoom attached (no grip)
  • The Olympus PEN-F with an Olympus 75mm f/1.8 attached
  • Five additional primes (the f/1.8 lenses not the f/1.2 PROs), which fit surprisingly well into one of the three default divider pockets
  • A tripod, which fit in a nice, adjustable, drop-down sleeve

Overall, it’s a convenient and intelligent design. Color me impressed!

Build quality

The ROAM Sling is made out of nice quality, and features weather resistant materials. It looks and feels like an artificial leather, yet somehow manages not to feel cheap.

The zippers are of high quality and seem to be able to handle the rigors of day in and day out professional use. The snaps, straps and clips are meaty and “click” into place with a nice quality feel.

The ROAM Sling also has an additional strap that wraps around and clips to the front of the bag. This helps keep the bag stabilized on your back when you don’t need to access it. It’s nice because it prevents the bag from flopping around when I’m on a hike.

The build quality is great, as all the snaps, straps and zippers are made of robust materials that can handle the rigors of an avid hiker or landscape photographer.

Ease of use

Let me start by saying that I’m not really a fan of small camera bags, and at first sight, like me, you might make the mistake of thinking the ROAM Sling looks like little more than a glorified “Fanny Pack.” I assure you, it’s not. This is the first bag that I’ve used where I didn’t feel like the design of the bag got in the way of me being able to quickly and efficiently access my gear.

I recognize everyone is different, but I’ve tried numerous small/travel bags from other manufacturers and for one reason or another, they’re collecting dust in my garage. The ROAM Sling, on the other hand, has incorporated its way into my daily routine. That’s saying something!

Alternative uses

While I was in Hawaii, I really wanted to have my Mavic 2 PRO drone with me, and much to my surprise, it fit perfectly into the ROAM Sling 6L — along with the controller and two extra batteries. In this configuration, I was able to throw the E-M1 Mark II onto an additional camera strap and sling it over my shoulder.

Affording me the best of both worlds, I had the ground and air covered with the Roam Sling 6L.

If you happen to be a landscape photographer who likes to take his/her drone on hikes, then the Roam Sling 6L can handle a Mavic 2 PRO, the controller and two extra batteries with ease. In fact, it could probably handle three extra batteries.


Considering the price of its competitors, I feel like the ROAM Sling 6L is a nice, well built and convenient camera bag for a reasonable price. Compact in size, yet able to manage quite a bit of gear, I walked away feeling like the ROAM Sling was something I would definitely consider purchasing, especially for my travel and hiking needs.


The ROAM Sling is a beautiful and innovative camera-slash-everyday bag built for those that want their cake and want to eat it too. It may look small, but this baby can carry everything you need for a full day of shooting, working, snacking and all-around butt-kicking. Oh yeah, and it can also fit a 16″ laptop … show us another sling that can do that! It also features an innovative expandable water bottle/tripod pocket with secure and easy access, removable dividers so you can customize the bag to your needs, and lightning quick access so your gear is always only a moment away.