I just got a great camera strap…and I hate camera straps. Let me tell why I don’t use camera straps, and why I’ll be using this one from Joby everyday.

I don’t use a camera strap around my neck for three reasons. Firstly, it gives a me crick in the neck that won’t go away for days (and since I shoot everyday, I’d have a sore neck forever). This literally keeps me up at night, and sends me running to the chiropractor. Straps on one shoulder with a sliding camera attachment are better, but in still can’t wear them all day with a 70-200mm lens.

Furthermore, a camera around your neck announces to the world that you are making pictures. When I make pictures with people I want them to see and interact with me, not my camera. Cameras put people on guard, and my main responsibility is to help them lower their guard and make a great portrait. Especially when I’m doing street photography, the last thing I want is for them to see a camera bouncing around my neck as I walk down the street.

Thirdly, camera straps are poorly designed. The camera swings whenever you move or bend over, they tangle on stuff in the bag, they are always the wrong length, they are easily tied wrongly resulting in catastrophic drops, they swing in the breeze ruining tripod shots, and…”eyes forward soldier.”

Plus, this isn’t NASCAR, and I’m not a billboard. I’ve spent more on my camera system than I’ve spent on three cars combined, and I didn’t pay all that money so I can wear a billboard on my neck for Canon, or Nikon, or Sony. Not to mention advertising to thieves exactly which multi-thousand dollar model I’m wearing! For the price these things cost, camera straps should be monogrammed with my initials.

For the last three years I’ve worn the Spider Holster on my hip to carry my camera. It keeps my hands free to greet people, it keeps weight off my shoulders, and I swing the camera to the FBI position when walking down the street and you can’t even tell I’m carrying a camera. Plus, I feel like Han Solo wearing it.

I’ve never dropped my camera out of my hand, but the worry is always there. That’s why I love Joby’s Wrist Strap. It’s simple, comfortable, quiet, and intuitive. It cinches comfortably tight automatically, and hangs out of the way on my holster. Joby included simple pictorial instructions for the right way to attach the strap, too. This is the same for all straps, but these are the best instructions I’ve seen. They’ve made better smoother hardware that makes it easier to attach the strap in the most secure way. All other companies should license this tiny piece of hardware for their straps.

Even if you don’t wear a holster, you’ll have great results interacting with people with the camera in your hand instead of on your neck, and not have to worry about dropping it.

For only $14.95, even college students could give one to mom or dad for Mothers or Father’s Day.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for reading; feels good to get that off my chest ;)