Holdfast just came up with a vegan twist for their very popular Money Maker! Here’s the experience of my first hands-on with this colorful, solo version.

I’ve been using the skinny Money Maker (the traditional one, in bridle leather) for almost two years. It’s by far my favorite and most used photography accessory. It allows me to work hands-free for many hours while carrying my two cameras at the same time.

Solo is (sometimes) the way to go

The thing is, I don’t always need to carry two camera bodies. Sometimes, I just like to go casually for a walk and bring a single camera — just in case. While I could absolutely do it with my regular Money Maker, it is kind of bulky and overkill for a non-professional, out-and-about, activity.

Holdfast Money Maker

Animal-friendly and colorful

This is why I’ve been really excited to be approached by the company to try the newly-released SOLO vegan version. It has the exact same build as the traditional one but is entirely weatherproof and comes in a variety of bright colors. (As a reference for you ladies, I’m 5’4″ and I wear a small size in royal blue.)

And in case you’re wondering: Yes, they do offer the double strap version as well.

Fall walk nature camera

100% weatherproof

To give it the first try, we went out for a walk in nature, enjoying the fall’s beautiful colors and fresh air. The strap did exactly what’s expected from it, securely and comfortably holding my gear (camera body + battery grip + telephoto lens). We’ve had the chance to enjoy a sunny day, but I can see myself using it — perhaps even more than my leather one — for rainy or snowy conditions.

Holdfast Money Maker hand camera

Pretty straightforward

The Money Maker is pretty straight forward … it’s a high-quality camera strap that performs as well as it looks. The solo version comes with a stabilizer strap that keeps the shoulder pad in place and a belt anchor that prevents camera swing while you’re not shooting.

Save your neck!

Purchasing a Money Maker is an investment but is definitely worth every penny, plus it’s going to last you a lifetime. If you’re not familiar with this cool — and 100% American company — head over here to learn more about them. If you’re looking for different strap options, then you might be interested on reading this article!