Good things come in small packages, at least, that’s what they say. I’ve had my hands on the tiny and incredibly cute Oben CTT-1000 carbon fiber tabletop tripod for a few weeks now and I have been eager to see if the old saying rings true for this tripod that looks like it got hit with a shrink ray.

Editor’s note: Oben sent us the CTT-1000 tabletop tripod to review and keep. However, this is an independent review. All thoughts about this product are our own. We have not been influenced in any way. We tell you this as we always want to be transparent with you.



  • I didn’t know about it sooner

Oben CTT-1000 — Technical specifications

Oben CTT-1000

All technical specifications for the Oben CTT-1000 tabletop tripod are taken from the product listing page at B&H Photo:

  • Capacity: 11lb
  • Max height: 15.5 inches, min height: 4.2 inches
  • Folded length: 10.4 inches
  • Leg sections: Three
  • Weight: 0.98 lb
  • Vertical tilt: +90° to -40°
  • Panning range: 360°
  • Construction: Carbon fiber

Oben CTT-1000 — Ergonomics and build quality

When you first open the box that the Oben CTT-1000 tabletop tripod comes in you will smile the biggest smile and you won’t be able to stop yourself from saying, “oh my gosh, look how cute this thing is.” Then, when you take it out of the box, you’ll instantly realize that this tripod is not just a cute little plaything. No, it feels like someone took a full-size carbon fiber Oben tripod and hit it with a shrink ray. The Oben CTT-1000 looks and feels incredible.

From a build quality perspective, I cannot fault the Oben CTT-1000. It’s built tough and feels every bit as good as a full-size tripod. The legs are solid, the twist locks feel fantastic and the tab locks at the top of the legs are machined metal. Even the included ball head is solid metal and it has controls that are silky smooth. Everything about this tabletop tripod from Oben feels premium.

When collapsed, the Oben CTT-1000 measures just 10.4 inches long with the ball head attached. At its max height the tripod stands 15.5 inches tall. Amazingly, the Oben CTT-1000 can hold 11lbs of gear but it weighs less than 1lb! The legs have three sections, and they can be placed in three positions. The ball head has controls for pan and tilt. It accepts Arca-Swiss-style plates and comes with its own quick-release plate. I’ve been blown away by the build quality and ergonomics of this miniature tripod. I’m so used to tabletop tripods feeling like toys. Oben though has shown that they can be so much more.

Oben CTT-1000 — In the field

You don’t need to approach this tabletop tripod with kid gloves. It’s literally a miniature take on a full-size tripod that’s made out of premium materials. This is a tough, sturdy tripod that has been designed to do serious work. I have used this tripod to hold various cameras including the Nikon Z fc, the full-frame Panasonic Lumix S5, and just to see if it would hold up, I threw the Olympus E-M1X with the Olympus 100-400mm f/5-6.3 on there. Guess what? The Oben CTT-1000 didn’t flinch.

However, you have to remember that this is a tripod that has been designed to be used inside your home, office or studio. So, while it can be used outside, I wouldn’t recommend it. One strong gust of wind will send your gear tumbling. Still, there are plenty of uses for it inside.

It’s great for macro, product photography and video calls

Oben CTT-1000

I have used the Oben CTT-1000 to successfully do macro work. The tripod legs can be placed into three different positions so you can get the stability you need, and the ball head allows you to position your camera perfectly. You can tighten everything down securely so that your setup will not budge. You can attach your camera to the included quick-release plate, or you can directly attach larger lenses that come with tripod mounts.

I’ve also used the tripod when doing product shots and to hold my camera when I’m on video conferences. If you need a little more height, you can use the center column extension tube that adds another 12 inches of clearance. It makes this versatile tripod even more user-friendly.

Overall, the Oben CTT-1000 has been a joy to use. It’s a tripod that I didn’t know I needed and it has slipped into my workflow effortlessly. I love that its small footprint allows it to stand on my desk without it taking up tons of room. It’s just right there whenever you need it. When you’re done, you can collapse it and store it easily.

Oben CTT-1000 — It’s not just a gimmick, it’s a solid tool

Oben CTT-1000

When I received the Oben CTT-1000 tabletop tripod I honestly wasn’t expecting much more than what other miniature toy-like tripods deliver. Boy, did I go into this review with the wrong mindset. Oben has shown that small tabletop tripods can be incredibly well made and that they can become essential tools in a professional photographer’s studio or office workflow.

The Oben CTT-1000 is as sturdy as tripods like this come. You can load up your full-frame camera and lens and rest easy knowing that this tabletop tripod will not buckle under the pressure of doing professional work. So, whether you’re using it fully extended or in either of its three positions, it just performs. Still, just don’t use it outside when the wind is howling.

The Oben CTT-1000 is a premium miniature tripod that will serve creators well. I didn’t know I needed a tripod like this in my life, so, I am glad that I crossed paths with it. For under $100, you’ll get a tool that will come in handy more times than you could ever imagine. Want one? Check out the current price and availability here.