About two weeks ago, Sony announced the next iteration of their popular a7 full frame mirrorless camera with the Sony a7II. While the camera is not due out for another week or so, I received a unit this morning and recorded a quick First Look video, comparing it to its predecessors, the Sony a7 and a7R.

Most notable about this camera is that it’s the first to feature 5-axis in-body image stabilization. This means that any lens you attach to this camera will have the benefit of image stabilization (IS), although 3rd party lenses may only be limited to 3-axis of IS. In addition to the IS, Sony also redesigned the ergonomics of the body, elongating the hand grip and positioning the shutter cable in a more natural position. Finally, Sony also improved on the AF system, borrowing elements from the blazing performance of the a6000.

The Sony a7II is available for preorder at both Amazon and B&H. Shipments are expected to between between Dec 9th and Dec 11th.

Disclaimer: I am a Sony Artisan of Imagery. Sony provided me with a loaner unit of the Sony a7II for testing and review.