As I travel around the country teaching photography I often hear tales of woe from people. People who didn’t have a back-up in place for their computer. It is said that it is not if a hard drive will fail, but when. Don’t get caught loosing files important to you. A solid backup system should be 3-2-1: Three copies of your files on two different media with at least one copy off site. I’ve found this has gotten easier with the advent of Backblaze.

Backblaze has come up with a seamless technology for storing files in the cloud. You never even know it is happening. Files are uploaded to a safe, redundant environment. Shut off your computer and the upload continues where you left off. Need to recover files? You can download them if it is just a few. Or, you can have a drive sent to you with your files. The cost of the drive is refunded when it is returned.

And, the best part? It’s only $60 per year per computer. Check out my post, “Why I finally chose to backup my photos to the cloud” for more information.

Yours in creative Photography, Bob