Richard Harrington and Scott Bourne answer viewer questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

1. From Tim in Yakima, WA

I am new to digital photography and keep reading about certain cameras being “noisy.” While this may be a stupid question – what does that mean? Noisy?

2. From Cam in Queens, NY

I would like to get started with real estate and architectural photography. What camera lenses would you suggest I use for that purpose?

3. From Tom in Orlando, FL for Rich

I am shooting video with my Panasonic GH4 and keep hearing about shooting with a “Flat” profile. What is that and why is that important?

4. From Shawn in Las Vegas, NV

I want to practice my portrait photography and my family is sick of me asking them to pose. I want to hire some models but don’t have a big budget. Can you suggest ways of finding affordable models for photography?

5. From Kai in San Diego, CA for Scott

I know Scott used to use film back in the day so maybe he can tell me if I should invest in some old film. I have seen film on Ebay that is recently “expired.” Would it be safe to try this? The person is selling it pretty cheap and I like experimenting with film.

6. From Pyra in Bangalore, India

I have been shooting images that I want to convert to Black & White. I see lots of cityscapes with black skies but the images were made during the day. I like that effect. How do I get it?

7. From Anton in Burlington, VT

What is the difference between “cross type” autofocus points and non “cross type?”

8. From Tom in Apple Valley, MN

I want to use a small aperture to increase my depth-of-field, but I realize that by stopping down I increase the possibility of lens diffraction. What are the trade offs and other possible solutions to attain greater DOF without sacrificing image quality.

9. From Don in Phoenix, AZ

With the advent of accurate auto white balance do I still need to worry about using the eye dropper tool in LR/PS to set color balance in post?


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