The Q & A Show | Photofocus Podcast July 7th, 2016

This months Q & A Podcast Scott Bourne brings on special guest Rick Sammon to answer your questions. 

1. From Dave in Tempe, AZ

I have heard Scott talk about searching for a clean background. What does he mean by that and how does he get the background to be blurry?

2. From Ashley in Indianapolis, IN

How can I keep from making the light so harsh when I use my flash?

3. From Bill in Ketchum, ID

Since cameras do such a good job now at high ISO are tripods still necessary?

4. From Beth in Las Vegas, NV

My friends all use filters on their cameras for different things. One of them has a an 80A filter. What is that used for and do you use any of these different filters?

5. From Adam in Ft. Collins, CO

I see on some camera forums that photographers occasionally share data about their images such as f/stop, ISO, shutter speed, etc. Is this something I should do and why do other people care?

6. From Alex in Queens, NY

Some people say I should shoot in RAW because it is non-destructive. What does that mean and how is it non-destructive?

7. From Will in Santa Rosa, CA

I have seen some cameras advertise that they shoot in SRAW or MRAW which appears to be smaller RAW files. Is this something I should try and what are the benefits and trade offs?

8. From Pam in Beaverton, OR

Is it possible to make HDR images from B&W originals or should I shoot in color, make the HDR image and then convert to B&W?

9. From Brad in Fort Myers, FL

Which type of lighting is best?

Indoor, Flourescent, Incadescent, Sunlight

10. From Robbie in Jacksonville, FL

I want to start shooting stock photography. Is it best to start with a theme in mind or just find subjects I like and then try to put them into categories?

11. From Edward in Charleston, SC

How do you decide if a picture is worth taking?

12. From Tom in Silverdale, WA

What is the biggest mistake made by new photographers?

13. From Harold in Kansas City, Kansas

How do you stay motivated after spending so many years as a photographer?

14. From Hal in Winston-Salem, NC

Do you or did you study the works of well-known photographers from past generations and if so who are some of your favorites?