We welcome you to the Photofocus Roundtable podcast, where each month, our panel discusses some current trends and topics to get your photography moving. This month, we are joined by Jamie MacDonald from the Mirrorless Minutes Podcast.

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Also joining us is Photofocus author Jemma Pollari. Our featured topic is inspired by Jemma’s post about protecting our photographers’ bodies through exercises. We also asked Jemma to tell us more about her Promptographer offering. Based on the enthusiasm for the subject, you might think that NFTs was our featured topic. As usual, our panel (OK, mostly Ron) has a different way of looking at what NFTs means for photographers.

Some initial experiments minting NFTs by Pepper on OpenSea and Jamie on Rarible.

When not on a photoshoot, Jemma is a mum to two boys, a physics teacher and a speculative fiction author. She also writes about photo prompts and posing on her blog Promptographer and is in the final stages of developing an app to go with it.

About your hosts

Ron Pepper is a Bay Area photographer specializing in 360° panoramic images for businesses, destinations, homes, schools and more. He’s a LinkedIn Learning author, mentor and trainer. You can follow him on his website or Instagram.

Rob Moroto is a commercial photographer based in Vancouver Island. From homes to people to businesses, Rob loves showing a different perspective through his lens. He sees depth in every person and every object, no matter how plain they may seem. You can follow him on his website or at CalgaryPhotos.ca.

Jamie MacDonald is a professional photographer living in the midwest United States who photographs landscapes, weather, and now abandoned farms across the U.S. Host of the Mirrorless Minutes Podcast, Jamie is also an accomplished workshop leader and presenter.