I love getting interesting angles and point-of-view shots. One of the best thing about shooting with GoPro cameras is that their size allows for the cameras to be positioned or even held by a subject.


I have tried several different versions of GoPro poles (made by different third-party vendors). They all essentially work the same. Features to look for that I find useful.

  • Built-in GoPro mount or a thread mount to attach a GoPro
  • Articulated head to angle the camera
  • Lightweight so its comfortable to hold
  • A wrist strap to avoid accidentally losing gear
  • Telescoping body to adjust the length of the pole and make it easier to pack.


Proper use of a pole makes it easy to chase action as well as dramatically smooth out any camera movement. Here are some behind-the-scenes clips from a new class I’m building for lynda.com.

I can’t recommend this piece of gear enough… I’ve used it Snorkeling, skiing, and for action sports.

Here are the two poles that I own and like. Both work equally well but have slightly different benefits.

GoScope Extreme Telescoping Extension Pole for GoPro HERO Cameras 17-37″XShot 2.0 Camera Extender for Most Cameras XS2379-F