Looking for some fun photographic ideas for kids this summer? Try melting some different colored icypoles (what we call popsicles in Australia) and capture the fun. I used red, green and orange (just like traffic lights). It can also be an indoor or outdoor activity, although it can be a little messy. This can take a bit of time to melt, depending on the temperature on the day, so try setting up near a window and coming back every five minutes or so to see the results.


  • Different colored icypoles
  • A large white flat dish
  • Camera or smartphone

The setup

Find a large flat white dish, plate or tray. Round or square can work too; it could be ceramic or plastic. You can use other colors, but for best results white is perfect. Make sure it is placed on an even flat surface, otherwise the liquid all runs in the one direction. Also, find a spot for yourself in the shade, or inside by a window. Too much sun can make it difficult to shoot as it can get too hot and glaring. Keep it low so you can get over the top action with your camera.

Arrange the icypoles on your plate or tray and then step back and catch the action as they melt. You can try different colors or just a single color, either way, is fabulous, as long as it stands out against the white background.

The shot

This can be shot with a DSLR for sure, but also on Instamatic or a smartphone. This lets the kids get in on the action if you have a smartphone with slow-motion. Try time-lapse as well. Don’t forget, if you own a macro lens or extension tubes to get in close and capture interesting formations as the ice melts.

Want an extra level of involvement?

Really make a day of it and get the kids to help make the icypoles, either with water and food dye or different colored soda, in icypole molds, or ice cream sticks in small containers.

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