Adjusting a heavy light attached to a c-stand doesn’t have to acquire a lot of strength. Here’s a simple tip to help you move the light up or down without much effort.

Stand on the Longest Leg

This is a very short and simple tip. When lowering or raising a light on a c-stand, place one foot on the longest leg of the c-stand. This will give you leverage to raise the light and prevent it from falling over. This will also work with conventional lights stands by lightly standing on the bar of the front leg.

(Editor’s Note: C-Stands made by Matthews like the one in the video, can take the full weight of someone like Vanelli. Other brands will break. If you are going to do more than just place a foot on a C-type stand, make certain it is made by Matthews.)

Here’s a short 1 min video showing this tip in action.

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