What’s the number one feature I look for in a camera bag?  Lots of pockets? Strong zippers? Nope.  When I choose a camera bag I want it to be easy to find my stuff.  That’s why I look for a light interior.

If your bag has a bright colored or light liner, it’s often easier to find your stuff.  That’s why many companies use bright yellow or tan interiors.  This will make it a lot easier to locate a black camera body or lens.  It also means you can rummage around on a night shoot and not struggle so much.

IMG_0008Here’s two bonus tips.  First add an astronomer’s flashlight. This type of light will make it easier to see in your bag at night and won’t completely cause your eyes to shut down.  Once you’ve gotten used to the dark, you can use a red LED to find your gear without losing your night vision.


While your at it add some emergency power.  A large external battery like this one from Jackery has many uses.

  • Power your phone or tablet
  • Recharge many cameras (including the Sony A7 which can pull from USB)
  • A built-in flashlight to light the walk back to the car in the dark. 

Try this advice on your next camera bag and see how it helps you out.  Any more suggestions?  Leave them in the comments…