Image and Post by Rick Sammon

This is a fun shot of a man I met in my travels. He was using a cool camera and actually, when he saw me with all my gear, gave me one. It’s made out of a beer can and is a fun to use. Picture quality, uh… not as good as my Canon 5D Mark II, for sure.

Anyway, the shot illustrates my city shooting style: two camera bodies, one with a medium zoom lens (24-105mm) and one with a tele zoom (70-200mm). Look ma, no camera bag.

Sure, I use a camera bag to get my gear to a city. But when it’s time to shoot, I rarely take it with me because I like quick and easy access to my cameras.

Also, since I got into HDR, I usually tote a tripod (with a quick-release head) when I am city shooting. For hands-free shooting, I use a tripod strap, the one you see here is actually a camera strap that I wrapped around the legs of the tripod. (Actual tripods straps are available.)

So the moral of this story: if you want or need to shoot fast, don’t have your gear tucked away in a camera bag. The shot may be gone before you have the time to say, “cheese.”

One more tip on this style of shooting: don’t wear a belt, or cover it with a shirt, as I did here. The buckle could scratch your cameras LCD monitor.