Fotopro sent me an Eagle 6L tripod and gimbal head to try out. Last month I wrote an article on Lisa Langell’s experience with the Eagle tripod. I first saw this tripod on the tradeshow floor at WPPI and was quite impressed.


What first impressed me was the small travel size and weight with solid build. Thoughts when I popped it out of the box were good ones. The canvas ‘Capone’ carrying case feels robust. Unzipping the case revealed well laid out sections for storing the broken down tripod.

All the gear fits comfortably inside this case just under two feet X 10 inches

Assembly of the head is pretty straightforward with only a need to have a quick peek at the directions (you know guys, we hate to read those direction thingies). Controls are large, easy to adjust and allow for smooth panning and/or secure locking down position.

Legs secure well with a twist. They are quite stiff for their light weight. At first I thought there was something a little different when securing the legs. And there is. What I thought was weirdness is the result of the gasket that keeps the tripod waterproof and sand/dirt proof.

Can’t wait to get this out in the field for some ‘Bob’s World’ testing. I’ll let you know how I make out!

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob