Getting ready to shoot this year’s winter portraits? Shooting in this season has its own challenges (the biting cold isn’t fun, for one!), but each year gives us an opportunity to get creative with it.

I’m sure many of you are looking for ideas to make the most out of shooting in the frosty season. Maybe you’d like to shoot some holiday portraits for your friends and family. Or, you might be looking to add some winter themed projects to your portrait portfolio.

In any case, I’m sure the quick tips from the fun shoot above by Irene Rudnyk will help you come up with ideas for your own cute and cozy winter portraits!

Bring out those cozy winter wear

One of the best things about winter shoots is you don’t really need to have fancy wardrobe for your models or subjects. Just have them wear their best knitted sweaters, furry jackets, comfiest mittens and cutest bonnets and you’re all set.

Feel free to prepare two or three extra sweaters and winter accessories for your model. This way, they can switch into different styles, colors and combinations as you go to different locations and scenery for your shoot.

Shoot during the Golden Hour

For many portrait photographers like Rudnyk, nothing beats shooting during the Golden Hour. She recommends shooting against the sunlight for a nice backlit effect. Not only will the gorgeous golden rays light up your model beautifully, but will also add a warm contrast to the chilly location.

If you choose to include more of the scene in your winter portraits, the snow will also pick up the lovely sunset hues and add a soft glow to your shots.

Use your surroundings

Take this opportunity to get extra creative with what you can find in your chosen shooting locations! As we see in the video above, our featured photographer positioned the model against the snowy branches for some framing, and even played with a light sprinkling of some snow which glistened against the golden light of the sunset.

See how you can match the winter wardrobe with the background, what you can use as props and how you can get creative with poses to get that nice and cozy look.

As mentioned by Rudnyk, make sure to bring heat packs and blankets to keep your model and shooting companions warm throughout the shoot. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, don’t forget to bring extra masks and sanitizers or alcohol for everyone as well!

If you liked these tips, you might also want to check out Irene Rudnyk’s YouTube channel for more of her photography tips and tricks.

Screenshot images from the video