There are times I really wish i had a monopod. You know, those one legged camera stabilizers sports photogs use to steady their long lenses. Thing is I don’t want to buy one. What to do?

Convert your tripod into a monopod

This is so simple. Extend one of the tripod’s legs so the head is at the perfect height. Leave the other legs short. Ta-dah! Instant monopod. Finish the conversion by using either a Velcro cable strap or an elastic cord with a cord lock wrapped around all three legs

Minuses & pluses

The downside of making your tripod into a monopod is its weight. You are carrying two legs you aren’t using. There are several positives: It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It works. Plus, a mono-tripod becomes a tripod in a quick moment. A monopod isn’t ever going to be a tripod.