A job found me creating a timelapse of the installation of the flooring in a new home. Timelapses are usually quite easy. Set up a tripod, mount the camera then turn it on. Once the project is finished, turn the camera off then download the card.

This one wasn’t as easy. When flooring has to be installed theres no place to put a tripod. (Said Captain Obvious.) The solution was a bit unorthodox, yet simple thanks to a new product: the Platypod Pro.

The Platypod Pro Plate

The Platypod Pro is a mounting bracket, tripod, ball head holder, leveling base and much more. It comes in a pouch that contains all the accessories. It has two titanium-mounting studs countersunk then welded into a plate made of T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The plates shape mimics the bill of the duckbill platypus, where it takes its name.

There are seven holes drilled around the edge of the plate. The Platypod is rated to hold up to 90 pounds. More than enough to support the camera, in this case, a Go Pro Hero 4, and a 12,000 mAh Mophie Powerstation XL battery pack. The Platypod plate is more than a piece of metal with bolts attached. This photograph shows the entire rig I plan on using at the location. Everything attached to the Platypod sitting on the product set is in perfect balance.

2872-0010 as Smart Object-1
The timelapse wall mount rig.

Platypod rig on location

Here’s a two minute video I made of setting it up along with a short clip of the flooring being installed.

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Photofocus publisher, Rich Harrington writes about the versatility of the Platypod pro system. There’s also a link to their website in the footer of this post.