Capturing bracketed images really isn’t very difficult but, at first, it sure can feel intimidating. I remember when it was mysterious to me and, to this day, I get questions about it all of the time. So I want to point out a great tool to help you set your camera’s Auto Exposure Bracketing.

But before you can set your camera’s AEB, you first need to measure the exposure for two extremes in the scene.

Once you know the fastest and slowest shutter speeds needed, you’ll need to find the ‘middle’ exposure and turn on your camera’s AEB. Which brings me to the reason we are here — the ‘Exposure Calculator’ created by HDRsoft and available to anyone on their website. Please try it out by either clicking the image below, or by visiting


Whether you’re just getting started or want to be sure to nail the exact exposures of a scene, I would recommend trying the Exposure Calculator. It can really remove the mystery of capturing a range of exposures, and it can also remove guesswork while in the field until it becomes second nature.