During the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic, when I had to do a lot of camera work around New Jersey, there was a lot to consider to stay safe. One of the most important things was how to stay socially distant and flexible when I don’t know what to expect. Which lens would be the most useful? My thought was the Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS.

Not every lens is fast, prime and exciting. Some are built to be swiss army knives, all-in-ones. Multipurpose tools are meant to get work done. As the pandemic began, this was on my mind as I put my 24-240mm on my Sony a7 III and rarely took it off again.

For a bit of perspective

When the pandemic sent most people home, to work, I had to go out, into the world. I had to choose between carrying a lot of gear and practicality. In the “before times,” I could walk to zoom, get close to people with a prime, if I had to. I could take a moment to change a lens. In pandemic times, I had to rethink everything, especially my daily camera work. The only thing I had to cover everything, efficiently, was the Sony 24-240mm.

Most of my camera work was outdoors, in the sunlight. I could work at f/8 a majority of the time with a high shutter speed without issue. Often, I would be going into situations where I did not know what to expect.

Small lens, yet well built

The best thing about the Sony 24-240mm was the zoom range. I could get the landscape shot I needed or the shot of the conductor waving at me in my travels. I did not have to linger; I could keep moving and keep safe.

The 24-240mm also has image stabilization, which combined with the in-body stabilization of the a7 III helped me create useful images when the lighting was not the best. The image quality was always top-notch the situations were challenging.

Sony is not the only company that makes an all-in-one lens. Every brand has a lens similar to this. These types of lenses are sometimes overlooked. But an all-in-one lens can be one most useful tools to keep in your bag.

Looking back at the first year of the pandemic

While I look back at my body of work during the first year of the pandemic, I really enjoyed working with the 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS. When I bought this lens with the a7 III, it was because I did not like Sony’s old kit lens. I never knew it would become so valuable to me.

The 24-240mm has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since switching to the Sony camera system. Its simple, inexpensive and a tool that will work in almost any situation.