Panasonic have announced a new firmware version for the GH5, and it’s got lots of bug fixes and plenty of new features. They say this will be available at the end of September, and it’ll be a free update.

I like that they’re adding features and not charging for them. The complete list of features is copied below, but here are the features I’m personally excited about from a photography point of view–cinematographers may be excitred about different things. I realize this is two columns in a row on the GH5, but I promise next week will be something completely different; this is news, though, and I’m a GH5 user :D


There are some new features, like wrapping the focus points in more modes and moving the focus point while shooting a burst. They say it’ll perform better in low contrast settings, too, so that’s very cool. We usually wait for new cameras for autofocus improvements.

Bluetooth with Image App

I’m intrigued to see how bluetooth is integrated with the Image App and what the benefits will be. One thing I recall is it’s supposed to conserve power and allow for waking the camera. I use the Image App daily, and it’s pretty terrific, so any improvments there are welcome.

Function Buttons

There are 20 programmable buttons on the GH5, and this new release is adding functions that can be programmed. I’m most excited about the addition of RAW Processing as an instant function. This is the menu option that allows you to process a RAW file in the camera and create a new jpeg. Only jpegs can be transferred via the Image App to your mobile device, so I use this every day to share pictures during shoots. I recently used it to post my picture from the Eclipse on Instagram moments after totality.

There’s also a new feature to lock the DISP. button. I’ve heard people complain about fat fingering this button by mistake, so I’m sure they’ll be glad to be able to lock it. I’ve never had trouble.


GH5 Firmware v2.0 will have many new features and it’ll be ready by October. I’m glad to see a company provide new features without a further price tag and I’m glad Panasonic are keeping on top of bugs, too. I’m a Lumix user and a member of the Lumix Luminary team, but Panasonic did not commission this report and has no input in my ramblings on Photofocus.

The Mirrorless Camera Maniac publishes each week–check them out right here.

The complete list of firmware features follows:

1. Compatibility with “LUMIX Tether” PC software
This new firmware enables GH5 tethered shooting via USB, using “LUMIX Tether” PC software. Users can control the camera by connecting it to a PC via USB. It lets you view the image on a large PC screen while shooting, which is helpful in commercial photoshoots of portraits, products and so on, where continuous confirmation is required. You can use [6K PHOTO] [4K PHOTO] and start and stop video recording with the tethered shooting. It is also possible to choose the folder to save the image files in the PC.

2. Improved auto focus performance
-Auto focus performance for subjects with low contrast in photo shooting is improved.
-Tracking auto focus performance in video recording is improved.
-The customized AF area can be continuously displayed in [Multi AF] and [Custom Multi AF] during live-view.
-The AF area in [Multi AF] can be moved to the other edge (side, top or bottom) when it reaches one edge.
-The start point of AF lock can be set on the live view screen in advance in [AF Tracking].
-The AF area can be moved while the shutter button is half-pressed or while recording in [Burst Mode], [6K PHOTO] and [4K PHOTO].

3. Improved performance in [6K PHOTO] and [4K PHOTO]
-The waiting time to start the next burst shooting sequence after [6K Burst] and [4K Burst] is shortened to less than half the time.
-[Loop Rec] is available in [6K PHOTO]
•Use of Panasonic SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90 is recommended for [Loop Rec] of [6K PHOTO].

4. An additional ALL-Intra Video Recording mode
-4:2:2,10-bit ALL-Intra video recording mode is added to 4K/FHD video recording.
•Use of SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 60 or higher is recommended for 4K ALL-Intra video recording. Operation is confirmed with Panasonic SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90.

New 4:2:2,10-bit ALL-Intra Recording Mode

New 4:2:2,10-bit ALL-Intra Recording Mode

5. 4K HDR video recording
-[HLG] (Hybrid Log Gamma) is added to [Photo Style]. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a mode to reproduce both bright part and dark part in an image, making it look just as human eyes see. The camera records video with a designated gamma curve compatible with ITU-R BT.2100, and you can now choose Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) in [Photo Style].
-A low-bit-rate recording mode 4K HEVC for HLG was added. This enables playback on AV equipment compatible with the HEVC compression format, such as Panasonic 4K HDR TVs.

6. Enhancement of the Anamorphic video recording mode
-High-Resolution Anamorphic mode, which enables video recording in 18-mega effective pixels, is added. *Recorded in HEVC

New High-Resolution Anamorphic Mode

*1 “High Resolution Anamorphic Mode” records motion picture with an aspect ratio suited for an anamorphic lens,4:3. The effective picture size
for this mode is equivalent to the number of pixels produced by 6K (approx. 6,000 (horizontal)k3,000 (vertical)) images (approx. 18 megapixels).

New High-Resolution Anamorphic Mode

*2 High resolution Anamorphic mode

-[Anamorphic Desqueeze Display] was added, which lets you view an enlarged image in Cinescope size while recording with 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lens.
-[Video Guide Line] is added to display the image in a variety of aspects, such as Cinescope, 16:9 and 1:1 while recording video. This can be used not only in Anamorphic mode but also in other video recording mode.

7. Enhancement of Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer)
-[I.S. Lock(video)] is added. This powerfully compensates for handshake when the viewing angle is fixed.
-A new handshake correction mode is added, which provides optimum correction when using 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lens.

8. Correction of white balance setting
-When the K (Kelvin) value was changed after adjusting the color temperature with 2-axis white balance compensation, the setting was reset. This bug has been fixed.

9. Improved usability of Time Lapse Shot
-The time to finish shooting and the number of recordable pictures are displayed on the stand-by screen.

10. Improved usability of Power Save LVF
-Power Save LVF can now be used during all stand-by display options.

11. Wireless functions
-The Bluetooth Remote Control function can be used with Image App, which will also be updated at the same timing with the GH5 firmware release.
-If the camera has not completed image transmission when it is turned off, it restarts transmission when it is turned on with the [Auto Transfer] function.

12. Other improvements
-A rating function using an Fn button is available in Playback Zoom and Multi Playback.
-The following functions can be assigned to Fn buttons – [Constant Preview] [6K/4K PHOTO Bulk Saving] [Min. Shtr Speed] [RAW Processing] [Rec/Playback Switch] [Destination Slot] and [Mic Level Adj.].
-The DISP.Button can be locked.
-In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was not able to be reset. This bug has been fixed.
-In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was reset after formatting the SD Memory Card. This bug has been fixed.
-In Backup Rec, there were cases where the file number was not reset even after applying resetting. This bug has been fixed.
-The image quality when applying the following settings is improved: Extended low ISO, [i.Dynamic] (Intelligent D-range Control) and Highlight Shadow.