Summer is here! This generally means, that most photographers are wakening up from their cold winter slumber and feeling the urge to step outside and take some pictures. I know I am.

I thought I would share a few summer tips to help you this season.

Bring your camera

The first tip is always to have your camera with you. I know sometimes as a photographer pulling my camera out when I am not working is incredibly hard for me. Mostly, I tend to get into work mode when I have my camera in my hand. I feel like I constantly have to be taking pictures. But I have learned to love bringing my camera with me everywhere. I have never regretted having my camera with me but I always regret those moments when I don’t have it.

Erin Holmstead Photography, kids summer

Outdoor events

Second, it is highly likely that your little town will be hosting tons of outdoor events this summer. Most of which are free and fun for the whole family. For instance, carnivals are a cool place to try long exposures or take a portrait with neon lights in the background. Food festivals are a great place to try food photography. All while handing out a business card to potential new clients.

Erin Holmstead Photography, kids summer

Beach day

If you are going to be heading to the beach this summer, don’t forget the beach can be a little hazardous to your camera. Water, salt, sand, and dirt are not your camera’s friends. When taking your DSLR try and pick one lens and stick to it. Swapping lenses could be a bit risky. You are allowing those types of debris particles to get into your camera.

Bring a waterproof case or a plastic bag to throw your camera in if you want to get in the water for pictures. And remember your camera is a valuable item. Don’t just leave it sitting out unattended.

Enjoy your summer!

Summertime is a wild and crazy time with lots of great photo opportunities around every corner don’t miss them. Bring that camera and get that shot.