The Honda Odyssey above was boldly going up Peachtree Boulevard smartly dressed as a shuttle from the StarShip Enterprise. That look into the future reminded me that everyday gets better thanks to updates to our technology. Adobe did just that today when it pushed an update to iOS users for Lightroom Mobile on March 2. This update requires iOS 8.1 or later and is available from the App Store or iTunes.

iPad Screenshot of AJ

What’s new…

The big news is full resolution files on iPads and iPhones. Unfortunately that does not mean that Lr Mobile handles RAW files. More on that later. The reason this is big news is Lr Mobile can work on full resolution files captured on an iPhone or iPad or that are sent to it from a camera via WiFi. Full resolution files transferred to iOS devices in email, or file transfer services like Google Drive, iCloud Drive or even Hightail or Dropbox. This means that any full sized JPEG can be edited in Lightroom Mobile on iOS. These files are synced to any other mobile devices synced to the same account once they are signed in. How cool! Edit a photo on an iPhone and the full res version appears on your iPad. I love this especially when I have a client that needs to see a photo right away.


Lightroom Mobile does not support RAW yet (darn it!) In order to use Lr Mobile with full res files from the camera shoot in RAW plus JPEG mode. I strongly suggest this because if you put your camera on JPEG only for a shoot with Lr Mobile, you absolutely without a doubt forget to change the capture setting back to RAW. RAW plus JPEG insures you’ll always have that super-valuable RAW file even when you forget.


3D Touch Support is in the Camera Roll browser now. A fast preview of an image happens with Peek & Pop while browsing photos in the Camera Roll.


Adobe continues to improve and enhance their mobile offerings. As a photographer, I really like the freedom that Lightroom Mobile offers. I can proof with a client at their location. Now I can send a full resolution file to their office printer when they need a detailed hard copy until I can make a fine print. Now Adobe, when are you releasing the Transporter app?