Life on set can be crazy . . . You’re thinking about the set design, lights, backgrounds, camera settings, models, hair and makeup, pleasing your clients, the art director breathing down your neck, etc. Every time I finish a shoot, I reflect back to find things that might have made the day go a little easier. I use rechargeable batteries in my speedlights, so I can’t throw them out when theyre dead. This leaves a large pile of dead batteries on the floor next to my bag. Throughout the day, I never know which batteries are fully charged and which are dead.

While at Photoshop World a couple years ago, I saw one of Joe McNallys assistants pull out a colored bag for batteries. Genius! Later that night I searched all over the internet for colored bags like Joes, but couldn’t find anything I liked. Time to get creative… When I think gear bags, I usually look at ThinkTank Photo. They make an accessory bag called the Cable Management 10. Its the perfect size to store my rechargeable batteries.

I also ordered small rolls of green and red gaff tape from B&H Photo.

Put the two together and voil ! Problem solved. Not only is my camera bag a little cleaner, but I now have two bags that I carry in my bag to instantly identify charged and dead batteries.

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