Know a Dad who could use some cool stuff for photography? Of course you do. Here’s a few ideas. I’ve tried to create a list of good, original gifts that Dad might not already have.

Dad who likes to wear cool things

I think a lot of fathers would appreciate this decidedly Andy Warhol-ish Say Cheese Socks by Sock It to Me, covered in colorful stripes with pictures of cameras. These pop culture-themed men’s crew socks come in multiple color options and fit men’s shoe size 7-13. 

Or consider a fun 100% cotton face mask. This one is black with a white camera logo and is made by LAPrintBroker.

Dad who needs to see in the dark

What more could this Everbeam H6 Pro LED Rechargeable Headlamp do? You can adjust the brightness. And the red light mode is pretty great for those of us night photographers who don’t want to blow out our night vision … and it’s a little less disruptive for night critters as well.

But there’s more. It’s waterproof and shatterproof while remaining feather-light at only 2.5 ounces. It also has a USB rechargeable battery. Oh, and if you wave your hand in front of the headlamp in Sensor Mode, it’ll turn the light on or off!

Dad who likes cool locations off the beaten path

If you didn’t have wanderlust before, reading “Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders” will surely give you just that. Strange, fantastic, beautiful, fascinating, amazing places, this is an addictive fat book that you will want to keep forever. And considering how large and comprehensive the book is, it’s a bargain. 

I have the first edition, but there is a newer second edition out as well. And you know, there’s only several shopping months until my birthday …

Dad who likes to improve his eye

I have the first edition of “Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman (2007).” While the book focuses largely on travel and architecture, really, it’s about everything composition and design, as the subtitle states. It covers the psychology of how people view photos and has many examples.

It’s also one of those books that covers topics simply while not talking down to anyone. In other words, Freeman keeps it accessible to everyone, but still covers plenty that would be of benefit to veteran photographers. And I should emphasize here that the book is about composition and the impact of images, not about technology.

Also, look for the newer 10th anniversary edition of this book.

Dad who likes keychains

This is a handmade Wood Camera Bourbon Barrel Keychain made from reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels, made by TWWKY. 

Dad who likes to know where their pets go

Consider getting someone a Mr. Petcam camera, which attaches easily to your dog or cat. This features a 12-megapixel sensor for crystal clear HD video recordings and a built-in microphone so you may hear and see everything from your pet’s point of view.