Sometimes, the Facebook algorithms get it right and show me an ad for something interesting. Here are three photography aids I’ve come across that may be of interest to photographers, and that won’t break the bank.


If you have a budding photographer in your family or circle of friends, the Photzy Snap Cards may be a great gift idea. They are a set of 44 portable reference cards that have handy tips and information for beginners and intermediate photographers alike.

Or, consider the Action Cards. This 65 card set provides instructions for over 200 photography assignments to try that will enhance your skill set.

Image courtesy of Photzy

Pocket Tripod

Now this just looks cool and useful for mobile photography or videography. The Pocket Tripod certainly gets an “A” for portability and it looks surprisingly durable once you unfold it due to its carbon fiber leg construction. It has adapters that can hold your phone at almost any angle to help you get a perfect picture.

While there are some negative reviews for breakage, there are many more positive reviews and the price makes it worth a try.

Image courtesy of Pocket Tripod


Tired of the same old shots? Let your creative side run wild with Lensball. Made of very clear quality glass, it helps you get a different perspective through refracted light.

Images courtesy of Lensball