While browsing the WPPI expo floor, I stumbled upon SKB Cases — a company that makes hard cases for photo and video professionals. It can best be described as an alternative to the popular Pelican case lineup, and it does so with some pretty impressive specs.

Some SKB cases offer the typical foam cutout look, but others feature an interior designed by ThinkTank. Being an owner of a few of ThinkTank’s bags, this particularly piqued my interest. The customizability ranges from offering several different sizes and separators, to zippered pockets and tablet/laptop sleeves.

How is SKB Different from the Competition?

As a reference point, SKB cases are 2-1/2 times stronger than their competition. They offer two types of configurations — one with a hard PE foam interior. This is specifically cut and customized to fit your camera gear setup. Other cases tend to use a softer foam, which from experience, tends to break down and tear over time.

SKB also offers an interior built by ThinkTank, offering endless customization options. These also offer features like accessory zippers or tablet/laptop pouches.

Regardless of the type of case, all of SKB’s case options are watertight, dustproof and built to military specs.

You’ll also notice the corners are more square, which helps to add a bit more room to the case. My biggest complaint with SKB’s competition has been the massively rounded corners, which make you leave some empty space in the case in order to fit all your gear. With a more squared corner look, you can simply fit just a little more inside.

The latches are also significantly easier to open, but retain the security that you’d expect from a hard case.

SKB offers an endless number of cases, including tripod and lighting cases for both photographers and videographers. They offer a wide array of configurations for your gear setup, and are continuing to add different options as necessary.


Like its competition, the SKB lineup is virtually indestructible, offering a waterproof, dustproof and military-grade closure that will keep your gear both safe and dry. In case something does break off, the parts are easily replaceable without having to buy an entirely new case.