Photography conferences like WPPI are a great place to check out some of the latest and greatest in the photography world — including with the tech you use to evolve your business. Several newer companies showcased their products at this year’s expo, and there were three that really drew me in:

Joy: Photo Albums for the Modern Age

Imagine combining a tablet with a photo album, and you have Joy. Instead of printing albums, Joy offers a well-designed custom photo album solution for your clients.

Perfect for wedding photography clients, I was impressed with the design of the Joy product and its ease of use. The product features a 13.3″ HD touchscreen, available to view at two different viewing angles. It comes with a wireless charging stand that disappears when the tablet is docked.

One of the coolest parts of this was that your clients could record audio to specific photos in the album and that videos could also be included as a part of the album.

Joy is really directed towards the new-age wedding photography clients, and it offers photographers a very unique and different product to offer. Check it out and learn more at

Primera Impressa IP60: Custom, On-the-Fly Printing

While I rarely print photos at home, the Primera Impressa IP60 has me starting to rethink that. This is by far the fastest at-home printing solution I’ve ever seen, printing a 4×6 photo in just seven seconds.

The quality is impressive, especially given its speed. While it won’t match the quality of a high-end print lab, this is perfect for things like photo booths and everyday photographs.

The printer itself weighs only eight pounds and has an average cost per 4X6 inch print of 10 cents. What really sets this apart is that you don’t have to just print 4×6 photographs — you can print up to a 6×24 panorama.

The Primera Impressa IP60 is slated to be available in May. More information can be found at

FrameALIVE: Interactive, Story-Telling Photographs

Upon first glance, FrameALIVE looks like a typical print photography solution for photographers. Upon a closer glance, Frame Alive offers something that I’ve only seen on TV or in movies — completely interactive photographs.

Picture this. You’re looking at a photograph, browsing through a magazine or photo album, and you pull out your iPhone and point it at the page. A video opens up on your phone, showcasing more about what you’re viewing.

This would be perfect for real estate photographers, allowing the ability for customers to point their phones at a page and see a complete walk-through video of a home. Or wedding photographers, who want to capture small snippets of a ceremony or reception.

It’s a really cool idea, and one I’m pretty excited about to see come together. Check it out at