When you’re on-the-go, storage and protection of your photographs are of the utmost importance. While hooking up your laptop to an external hard drive works, it’s a bit of a pain and can really add some weight to your pack. Imagine being able to hike the mountains without having to pack a bunch of backup gear.

Well, now you can, with GNARBOX 2.0.

In its update slated for December 2018, the rugged SSD portable hard drive takes the next step forward to help you manage your workflow and keep your images safe while you are in the field.

GNARBOX can be used for multiple workflow steps, but is most commonly used to back up your photos. It can also help you send your photos to your phone or tablet so you can edit and quickly share your favorites to apps like Instagram and Facebook.

“Unlike portable hard drives, [GNARBOX] is designed for working photographers. It’s the fastest and most rugged device on the market. It allows you to connect apps to it to edit your photos when you’re on-the-go,” said Tim Feess, Co-Founder of GNARBOX.

The GNARBOX has an SD card slot so you can quickly offload your images to the device using the Safekeep app. It has built-in WiFi so you can easily share those images to your phone or tablet.

You can also plug in an additional external hard drive with a USB-C connection for a full backup solution.

GNARBOX 2.0 is set to be released in December 2018, to its Kickstarter backers. For everyone else, GNARBOX is available for pre-order and comes in three sizes — 256GB ($399.95), 512GB ($499.95) and 1TB ($799.95).

More apps

In addition to integration with apps like Lightroom CC, LumaFusion, Dropbox, Lightroom Classic and Premiere Pro, Gnarbox 2.0 is bringing four new mobile applications to market to help with your workflow:

  • Safekeep: Backup your photos with a file/folder organization and tools to manage file transfers
  • Selects: Offering a fast RAW image preview and tools to cull your photos and manage metadata
  • Sequence: Review video footage, start rough cuts and transition your project to the studio
  • Showcase: View your photos and videos in high resolution on any HDMI screen


GNARBOX 2.0 has a replaceable battery that lasts about five hours for backup (versus three hours when editing). It features a multifunctional OLED display on the device with buttons that allow you to easily start file transfers.

It comes with preset folder trees, so your backups can stay organized. It also features checksum verification, giving you confirmation that your photos are secure with every byte.

GNARBOX 2.0 features backup with speeds up to 75MB per second using the SD slot, or 450MB per second using USB-C. It’s IP67-Certified, meaning it’s protected from dust and water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The device comes with an Intel processor, NVMe SSD, 802.11ac WiFi, SD card slot and two USB-C ports.