Look, life is hard enough as it is without being ill-prepared for your upcoming photo and video shoots. Why not make things easier on yourself in 2022 by arming yourself with accessories for creators that will take some of the load off?

If there’s a tool or accessory that can make my life easier (and that won’t break the bank) I’m all for it. Fortunately for us, there are now tons of accessories for creators out there that can help make doing what we love easier. Manfrotto is one company that’s leading the charge when it comes to helping us create.

Now, anyone will tell you that Manfrotto is synonymous with both photography and videography. The Italian company has been churning out quality products for years. Lately, Manfrotto has taken things up a notch. Their camera bags, tripods, monopods and gimbals are better than ever. If you want to make your life easier in 2022 the Manfrotto accessories for creators we’ve rounded up below should be on your radar.

Editor’s note: This is a Manfrotto sponsored post. However, the thoughts and views about these products are our own. We tell you this as we want to make sure you know that integrity and trust are key when it comes to building our relationship with you, our trusted readers.

For the street photographer — Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack


Do you want to hit the streets without being bogged down? If so, check out the Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack. This small stylish backpack allows you to carry your camera and a few small primes while you’re out capturing life on the streets.

The Street Slim is weather-resistant, it’s beautifully constructed, it’s well-padded, and along with your camera and lenses, it can hold a laptop or large tablet. The Manfrotto Street Slim can even be converted into a day bag! All of this for under $100! When it comes to accessories for creators, this is one you don’t want to miss out on. Read our full review.

For film making while on the go — Manfrotto Element MII Video Monopod Kit

The Manfrotto Element MII Video Monopod is one of the great accessories for creators in 2022. The Manfrotto Element MII is the lightest video monopod on the market at only 2.2 pounds and offers smooth control for tilting and panning. It’s ideal for wedding and corporate videos, as well as interviews and documentaries when you’re on the go!

The Element MII Video Monopod has high-performance ergonomic twist locks which make setup and takedown a breeze! The fluid head is easy to use, it’s robust and it can hold up to 4kg (8.8lbs). I enjoyed using the Manfrotto Element MII during our review period. I found it to be tough and stable. It handled everything I threw at it with ease. If you’re ready to up your videography game, this is for you! Read our full review here.

For the photography enthusiast — Advanced Gear Backpack III


A compact and functional camera and laptop backpack. The Manfrotto Advanced Gear Backpack M III for DSLRs and CSCs (compact system cameras) is an innovative bag that stores and carries your camera and laptop gear, but remains lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It’s a must-have when it comes to accessories for creators.

The Advanced Gear Backpack M III safely stores a DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, as well as four additional lenses, or can be used equally well to carry a full-frame CSC camera with 70-200mm f/4 lens attached, 2-3 additional lenses as well as a DJI Mavic Air 2 kit. It also includes a dedicated 15-inch padded laptop pocket that’s easy to reach when you’re on the move. At under $130, this camera bag will delight photography enthusiasts.

For the filmmaker — Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal


If you want to up the production value of your flicks you need to get your hands on a super stable gimbal. Manfrotto just happens to have one of the best gimbals you can buy for under $400. The Manfrotto MVG220 seriously impressed me during my review period.

The Manfrotto MVG220 can support up to 4.85 lbs. making it a perfect choice for videographers, and vloggers looking for a gimbal that has tons of flexibility when it comes to modes and features. The touchscreen LCD allows you to switch modes, which include inception, portrait (for TikTok), selfie-mode and time-lapse. It comes with a briefcase handle for ease of use when shooting low, and you can control exposure values on supported cameras. The battery is rechargeable and you can expect about seven hours of use per charge. Check out our full review here. It’s another no-brainer when it comes to accessories for creators in 2022.

Get drone-like footage without the hassle — Fast GimBoom

Do you wish you could get drone footage without the hassle of learning how to fly one? Well, you’re in luck. The Manfrotto Fast Gimboom has been designed to hold your gear securely while you lift it high to get that ariel footage you crave! Thanks to its standard attachment screws, the GimBoom guarantees an easy connection with your Gimbal regardless of brand.

The GimBoom is compact when collapsed (20 inches) and it’s lightweight at just 1.76 lbs. Thanks to its carbon-fiber construction, the Manfrotto GimBoom can hold 14.3 lbs. of gear when it is fully extended to 45.28 inches. The Fast twist lock allows you to go from collapsed to fully extended in seconds, and the rubber handle lets you get a great grip. If you want to elevate (literally) your videos, grab the Manfrotto Fast GimBoom. It’s a bargain at under $200. Read our full review here.

For the professional photographer — PRO Light Multiloader Camera Backpack

If you need a camera bag that works as hard as you do, the Manfrotto Pro Light Multiloader backpack has your name written all over it. This bag has been designed to match the workflow of professional photographers. You have four points of access to your cameras and lenses and the M-Guard protection system makes sure your gear is safe.

The Multiloader backpack can be carried in three different ways. You can use it as a backpack, a sling, or a duffle bag. It also offers a side attachment that can carry a full-sized tripod. A front attachment can carry two monopods, and there’s space for a 15-inch laptop. The bag can be adjusted for torso height, and the heavily padded shoulder and waist straps provide all the comfort you need. For under $280 you can get a professional camera bag that will go to work for you.

For videographers who demand the best — Manfrotto MVG300XM Professional Gimbal

If you need a gimbal that is built to withstand life on production sets, the Manfrotto MVG300XM is for you. This heavy-duty gimbal can hold up to 7.5lbs of gear. It has a modular design with a removable handle that can be used as a remote.

So, like its smaller brother, the MVG220, the MVG300XM features an LCD touchscreen which makes changing settings a breeze. There’s a joystick that enables straightforward operation of gimbal movements, and the multifunction knob provides focus control with select cameras. You’ll be creating time-lapses, inception effects, panoramas, portrait-style videos and selfies in no time at all.

For masters of light — Manfrotto HaloCompact Plus 38″ Reflector

The Manfrotto HaloCompact Plus reflector is the perfect “always with you” tool that modern creators simply shouldn’t be without This 38-inch reflector is ideal for photo and video shoots when working with couples, small families, or when shooting larger still life and product setups.

The ultracompact folded dimensions (11.6 x 4.1 x 2.3 inches) make the HaloCompact Plus the perfect solution for image-makers on the go. With a weight of just 0.99lbs, this reflector can go everywhere without becoming a burden. Don’t get caught out during your photoshoots in 2022. Carry the HaloCompact Plus with you and be prepared to capture gorgeous images no matter what.