I recently manned a pod for Adobe at The Photography Show here in the UK. The questions were pretty diverse but there were a few Lightroom questions that came up a few times, so I thought Id share them here just in case readers were experiencing the same;

Ive Been Using Aperture, Whats the Easiest Way to Migrate to Lightroom?

Adobe have released a great plugin that takes the strain out of the process. You should work carefully through the process but it works really well. The plugin can be downloaded free from here.

You can find more details about this in this Photofocus post from Richard Harrington; The Essential Guide to Moving an Aperture Library to Adobe Lightroom

Is there a List Of Keyboard Shortcuts?

There is, Lightroom has different shortcuts depending on the module youre in. So, when youre in the module you want press Cmd+/ or Ctrl+/ to show them (think ?);

I Can’t See The Basic / Tone Curve / Split Toning Panel

If you don’t use one of the panels and you find it gets in the way this can be a great feature but can be a little frustrating if youve done it by accident!

Right click on any of the panels title bars and you’ll see a check list of all the Lightroom panels. Check or uncheck your choice.

When I Make A Gradient or Use the Adjustment Brush I Can’t See the Controls. My Mouse Disappears When I go On To An Image

Another feature that can, when you want it, be very helpful. Pressing the H key will hide the gradient or adjustment, pressing it again will bring it back. You may find that it is this thats hiding your pointer too, just press H to see it again.

How Do I See My Images On Lightroom Mobile?

This feature is available to those using the Creative Cloud or the Creative Cloud for Photographers.

In Lightroom, sign in to the Creative Cloud and create a collection, or collections. Next to the name of the collection a new icon is available, toggle that to be a double ended arrow and Lightroom will handle the sync for you. Easy.

I Don’t Use Lightroom Mobile, I Don’t Want Huge Raw Files on My Tablet!

You won’t. Lightroom sends small representations of the image to your device, about 40 times smaller than the original. This saves memory and data.

When you edit an image on your device youre creating a sidecar file, just like in Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW, its non destructive and tiny, again saving data and your image.

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