Cleaning your sensor, lenses and keeping your camera clean in general can help your images be just that much better.

Every so often I see images posted and I just cringe a little. Why? Sensor spots or fuzz all over an image. To me, nothing can ruin a great image that is otherwise technically and compositionally in order.

Even if photography is a hobby for you or you just have your camera around for family events and everyday happenings, take it in to have it cleaned every so often. Just like taking care of your car, appliances or computer equipment, cameras need maintenance and cleaning as well in order to continue to operate properly. 

View the sensor dust/spots using Lightroom’s Spot Removal feature. Shortcut keys: CTRL + Q

I take my camera to be cleaned professionally every so often, despite the fact that I clean my sensor and lenses myself. It’s good to take it to someone who knows the ins and outs of your equipment and I know they do a much more thorough job than I can. 

Here are a couple of articles that can help you clean your own camera. It’s not as hard as you may think. There are accessories that are nice to have on hand as well. Things like Rocket Blowers and LensPens are good to keep in your camera bag, car, backpack and anywhere you might actually need to use them.

So, save yourself the time of cleaning up sensor spots in post-processing. Images that you print and share will look better just for not having spots on them.