By itself, the Lume Cube is a powerful and capable 1500-lumen, 6000k color temperature light, in a small, portable and easy-to-use package. It is a 1.5″ square aluminum housing with 1/4″-20 female threads that allow you to mount it in many different ways. It’s waterproof to 100′ and uses micro USB to power it or to recharge the battery. There is also a smartphone application you can get for your iOS or Android devices that use Bluetooth to remotely control the lights and you have 10 adjustable light levels including flash rates by pushing a button on the Cube.

When you add the Professionals’ Pack to it you are able to do so much more. One very cool feature of the Light-House is that allows you to attach the filters magnetically. The magnetic feature also allows you to stack the filters, so I can add a warming CTO filter first and then put a diffusion bulb on top of that.

Lume Cube Professionals Pack

The Professionals Pack includes the following:

Light-House Aluminum Housing: The Lume Cube fits into the housing and the housing snaps shut to protect the Cube and to allow filters to be magnetically attached to the front of the Lume Cube. You also get three diffusion filters made by Lee Zircon filters, the 810, 811 and 812. The filters attach magnetically and you can stack them on top of one another.

Lume Cube CTO 4 Pack for the Light-House Lume Cube Housing: It consists of four color temperature correction gels that can be used to add warmth to the 6000k color temperature of the Lume Cube light. These attach magnetically to the Light-House and can be stacked above or below other filters.

Honeycomb Pack for Light-House Lume Cube Housing: Consists of a large and small grid pattern to help control and shape your light. These attach magnetically to the Light-House and can be stacked above or below other filters.

Diffusion Bulb Pack for Light-House Lume Cube Housing: Four different diffusion domes or bulbs to help to control and spread the light out. These attach magnetically to the Light-House and can be stacked above or below other filters.

RGBY Color Pack for Light-House Lume Cube: One green, blue, red and yellow filter gel that attach magnetically to the Light-House. They can be stacked on top of other filters.

Trying them out

To explore the Lume Cube more, I set up a simple shot of a Chinese tea ceremony. I was using three Lume Cubes all controlled by my smartphone. I placed two cubes on light stands with the DSLR adapter on them so I could adjust the angle of the lights, and the third I placed on the floor pointing up. I was able to control the lights’ brightness using my iPhone. This was great because I was able to watch the camera screen while I change the brightness on all of the three lights independently. This made light adjustment fast and easy.

I also used the CTO 806 Warm Amber Gels on the Lume Cubes to warm things up and stacked the 810 diffusion filter to soften the light. The magnetic attachment gave me the ability to stack the filters, one on top of the other, in any order I wanted.

In the following photos, I started with the lights off, then all the lights on, with the lights set at a brighter setting. Then I turned them on one at a time and adjusted each light. I did this all from my iPhone. Check out the photo examples below.


The Lume Cube Professionals’ Pack has a lot to offer in the way of portable lighting with the ability to change the lighting color (warm/cool), how bright the lights are and the ability to control light spill using diffusion through gels, honeycomb grids and bulbs.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

Learn more about the Lume Cube Professionals’ Pack here.