Whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned pro, gear is an essential piece of image capturing. And finding the right gear for your needs is a very important part of communicating your point of view. We as photographers deal with budgets and affording the most expensive gear is not always an option. With that being said, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the first original rental company, LensRentals.com and the benefits you’ll receive because of this partnership.


For the next few months, our team of writers will be renting from the LensRentals.com service. We can’t wait to put numerous products to the test and share with you our thorough and honest reviews and images from lighting sets, lenses, camera bodies and all things in between. Hopefully we open your mind to new gear that might fit into your project and budget. And if it doesn’t fit into your budget to purchase, you’ll now know where and how you can rent it.

Not only will our team of artists be trying out “hot gear”, sharing the latest and greatest reviews of products on podcasts and articles, LensRentals.com will also be giving the Photofocus audience the chance to “try before you buy” with special offers. In the mean time, be sure to check out their huge online warehouse of gear rental options and use the promo code listed below. If you find gear that you want us to review, drop us a line or take a gander for yourself, you’re bound to find a few fun gadgets and gear to try on your next shoot.